Breathtaking wedding on the beautiful Island of Mallorca
Intimate wedding in Mallorca
Mallorca Luxury Venue
A wedding in front of the sea
Destination wedding in North Mallorca

It begins with a gentle tingling feeling, a fluttering sensation that grows more intense until a shiver of anticipation runs down your spine just as the bride is about to make her entrance. That special sensation at wedding after wedding is what Mille Papillons is all about. Our concept is to achieve that feeling of “thousands of butterflies”, as intensely as possible, for every couple.

We are wedding planners based in Mallorca, Barcelona and Gerona. We can plan a romantic wedding in Catalonia’s Empordà region, a Mediterranean-style wedding in Mallorca, or the most cosmopolitan tying of the knot in Barcelona. Wherever you decide to celebrate your wedding, we can help to make your dream come true.

Whether you decide to stay local or travel with your guests to a destination wedding, we want to be there with you, working hand in hand with you to create a unique event whose inspiration comes from your own unique personalities

Organizing weddings and events is our passion, and working at what inspires us is a real privilege. We have more than twelve years’ experience creating events with a fresh and relaxed feel, where the nature and essence of each element form a harmonious whole, where every detail, however small, plays its part.