At Mille Papillons our clients are our raison d’être. We are passionate about our work and thrilled to have the opportunity to play a part in your wedding. Behind the romantic-sounding name is a young and continually-evolving team led by Judith Jurado Colomé, the company’s founder and managing director. We have years of wedding planning experience with couples from Spain as well as other countries: England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Australia and the United States.


Judith Jurado

Founder and Managing Director

I never need an excuse to celebrate the most insignificant thing. Small gestures are an important part of my everyday life, from sitting the people I love most around the table for a good meal, lighting jasmine-scented candles and arranging a vase of eucalyptus, mimosa or freesias, to listening with eyes closed to Angus & Julia Stone.

The simplest romantic detail, fashion and natural fabrics, good cuisine and spices, the beauty of the Mediterranean on the Costa Brava or Mallorca’s Serra Nord mountains, my mother’s embrace, a walk hand-in-hand… these are some of the small things that mean a lot to me.

Management is in my blood. Part of my daily routine is to make a note of everything in my paper diary, where I scribble down any ideas, however far-fetched. I am organized, meticulous, perfectionist, practical, direct, open and sincere. After several years as an events organizer, I decided to take it a step further and created Mille Papillons with a clear philosophy: to design and organize events with soul, take “my couples” by the hand and be passionate about every project.

Isabel Suñer

Wedding Planner

A look, a touch, the heat of two hands entwining for the very first time, a kiss that will never be as sweet as that very first one, that same kiss that takes you to decide that you want to spend the rest of your life next to that person. Those emotions, meeting those couples that have decided to take the big step and taking all those feelings to transform them into a wedding, is exactly why I am in love with my job.

When I don’t breath and sigh for weddings and everything around them, I seat with my big and wonderful family to eat a paella made by my father, I laugh until I cry with my friends, I give a world of kisses to my little dog, I travel as much as I can (I love Asia!), I seat in front of the seaside on a sunny winter day with my favorite book and I breath.

After 8 years in London creating those special days in luxury hotels in central London, I decided to come back to my beloved island and join the amazing Mille Papillons team, to (together with Judith and the rest of the team) transform the feelings of each couple into an incredible celebration with most authentic Mille Papillons style.

Imma Rodríguez

Project Manager

Lover of beautiful things, joyful colours and all things creative, that’s me! I love spending time with cheerful people and celebrating just about everything is part of my lifestyle. I love craft, fashion, good music, a tasty Aberdeen Angus hamburger, and going to verbenas (all-night dance events in the open air). Getting away to Barcelona, wandering around the Mercantic vintage market and hunting out new restaurants is a hobby I indulge in more and more.

A few years ago I got interested in the world of events and wedding planning and decided to train to become a wedding planner. Along the way I met Judith and Mille Papillons. Their project put the wind in my sails and opened up a huge range of opportunities for me. Working hand in hand with lovely couples and a great team of professionals, putting on events in unique locations, I have been able to see my dream come true. We put heart and soul into each and every wedding, each and every event, because without that tender touch, an event just doesn’t have any soul.

Beatriz Anguita

Freelance Stylist


I love brides! Sharing their dreams, helping them to look radiant, feeling the pre-wedding nerves along with them… I’m always happy working with hair and makeup, but add in wedding dresses, flowers and decoration and I’m happier still. Being a member of the Mille Papillons team is a dream come true.

I follow the tendencies, the trends, the fashion shows, with the same objective always in mind: to bring out the natural beauty of each and every bride. Trained between Mallorca, Barcelona and Madrid, I consider myself a person with a restless mind, perfectionist, patient and good-natured, always looking to the future and fond of celebrating everything. I celebrate life with a smile, and it makes me very happy to be present on an occasion as important as your wedding day.

I run my own hair and makeup salon with an eco-friendly philosophy that respects the environment as much as the skin and hair of each individual. I bring the same philosophy to Mille Papillons, creating an exclusive collection of the latest tendencies in hairstyles and makeup every season, which I adapt for each individual bride, and I am on hand for her throughout the wedding day.



We hope you can now begin to see what we’re all about, beyond the qualifications (which we have) and the resumes crammed with experience (those, too). We want you to trust in us, to feel that it’s worth inviting us into your world so that between us we can write a chapter in your story. And not just any chapter, but one of the best chapters of your lives – of ours, too. Let’s put our heads together on this!

 Mille Papillons guarantees you a professional service with direct, pleasant and highly personal treatment. We only collaborate with people that share our philosophy and understand how we do things. We work with rising young companies, with accomplished and continually-evolving professionals at the cutting edge of the latest trends, with the very best human capital, to provide you with the very best for your special event.

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