12 marzo, 2020


Beverly and Bastian are one of these couples that wouldn’t be able to hide the love they feel for each other even if they wanted to… you only need to see the look in their faces in all the pictures and the wonderful video of their wedding to realize that. Besides, they are lucky enough to have their entire families fly thousands of miles to come all the way from Bangkok and celebrate their love with them in one of the most stunning venues in the island, surrounded by sea views.

Theirs was an emotional ceremony, with an acoustic Spanish guitar accompanied by a beautiful voice as the background music, followed by a cocktail overlooking the sea as sun was setting down in the horizon. The dinner set up was magical; we used a pavilion with high ceilings and placed high centerpieces that looked like small trees on the round tables. Right before starting the party, Beverly and Bastian danced their first dance as husband and wife while their guests surrounded them holding sparkles silently, until everybody started joining them and they ended up dancing all together.

Photography: HUMà06

Videography: HUMà06