15 junio, 2019


Bo and James are as beautiful inside as they are in the outside. Our relationship with them went from client – worker to friends in a matter of a few weeks. Before we even got started planning their wedding we already knew it was going to be one of the best ones of the season. And we weren’t wrong!

The chose a beautiful venue located in the northern part of the island where they spent a whole week surrounded by their closest friends and family members, chilling by the pool in the mornings, having delicious meals under the stars in the evening. The day before their weddings they hosted a pre wedding event in a beach restaurant decorated with great taste located a few minutes away from the venue, where their guests got to know each other and spend a first night together before enjoying the big day. As it couldn’t be any other way, Bo looked stunning on her wedding dress, and after a touching ceremony, they all went by the pool to dance to the rhythm of a great mallorcan band while trying some delicious bites. They even had a tortillias show cooking station! The cocktail was followed by a dinner in a beautiful rustic U shape table so everybody could be together under a fairy lights garland that covered the whole dinner area.

After James got us all to almost cry when talking about his wife in his speech, we asked everyone to move to the party area where not only one of the best DJs of the island awaited them, but also an amazing saxophonist and a singer, which made the perfect combination to get everyone dancing until the early hours.



Wedding Planner & Designer: Mille Papillons

Photography: Chris&Ruth

Videography: Ankerprod