13 octubre, 2018


Lehna & Mario had clear that they wanted their guests to enjoy each moment of the wedding. So, after a magical ceremony into the woods, they had a marching band that guided all the guests to the cocktail area. Once they where there, the band was playing cheerful music so they could dance and sing.

For the food, one of the most important caterings on the island prepared an amazing buffet which included fish and meat dishes. All the guests were passing in front of the food and enjoying the colors, the smells and especially the fantastic flavours that it offered.

For the end of the party, we created a “food truck party”, where 3 vans were the center of attention. One with cocktails, the other one with the best burgers on the island and finally we closed the circle with a photo booth. A live band was in charge of playing the music in the party, and what a party! the guests did not stop dancing until the end of the night.



Photography & Video: HUMà06