6 octubre, 2018


Lynda & Chris contacted us from Hong Kong in order to arrange their dream wedding in Majorca. The island was the ideal place for their guests who came all over different areas of Asia and Europe. We immediately found the ideal wedding date and venue. As the couple came from so far, they decided to trust Mille Papillons to select the venue prior their visit to the island. Straight away, we had clear that this spot was ideal for them and their families.

The wedding was intimate, cozy and great fun. Also, despite being October, they enjoyed a lovely hot and sunny day. The entire party was held outside, except for the late dance. The magical mix of lights and plants together with a romantic decor based on roses and candles, created an idyllic atmosphere. Family and friends contributed to the final touch as to be a perfect wedding in Majorca. 

Catering was held by one of our favorite partners, who proposed a menu based on quality tapas and first class products. During coffee time, ‘Moscatell Porrones’ were an excuse that made everyone had a great time.

We leave you with some fabulous photos made by Xavi and Majo, which they travelled from Barcelona to Mallorca for this beautiful Mediterranean-style wedding.

Photography: La Dichosa