31 agosto, 2019


To find the perfect venue, to fall in love with its light and with each one of its corners. Tu put all the ingredients so that your guests can experience one of the best nights ever and to have they answering with the biggest of smiles. A summer night dinner, living the most important day of your life with the people you love the most … I don’t think you could ask for anything more.

Boris & Marie ant through their special day surrounded by their favorite people and what a day…! We started with a very emotional ceremony with live gospel music and we continued with a long cocktail where the guests were able to enjoy one of the most stunning sunset lights in Mallorca.

At dinner they decided to share the food: delicious salads, meat and fish that melted in their mouths, all in the center of the table so that everyone could choose what they liked best. And as we are well aware that a good wedding is nothing without a good party, we brought a good dj, good lights and they danced the night away!


Photography: Pablo Laguia

Videography: HUMà06