17 junio, 2018


Marietta & Jose traveled from Puerto Rico to Majorca to live their dream wedding. They wanted an intimate family wedding, but at the same time to be fun. They are Puerto Ricans, so they knew exactly how to party. They got to dance ’til they drop’ and laugh non stop.

Marietta had always dreamed about a wedding in the forest within a vintage, boho and sophisticated touch. We chose a palette full of bougainvillea, green, black, cherry and golden colours. We skillfully mixed different types of glasses, crockery, chairs and decorated everything with large flowers and black candles.

The whole party was rounded up with typical Spanish cuisine dishes and live music. Flamenco was present with Gaizka and Maribel and the star dish came with Paco Colombàs; one of our favorite male bands.

Photography: HUMà06