6 julio, 2017


We loved the first email we got from Matthew & Peston. This lovely couple was emailing us from NYC with their desires to get married in the Catalan Empordà, where they got engaged.

We clicked from the very first moment, and their trust in our job was so genuine that they delegated everything to our team which made it very easy to design for them a very special wedding.

The wedding lasted four days (in this gallery we only share the wedding images), so we reserved a few locations for each occasion. On the wedding day we selected this elegant space with large exteriors and with the security of a beautiful Plan B in case of weather hiccups.

The colour palette we used throughout was in brown, grey, back and blue with a very strong masculine character. We selected every detail such as the illumination, music, flowers, tableware… The food was carefully selected, with a wide range of canapés and Spanish tapas followed by mediterranean style dishes. A great choice that the more than hundred guests coming from NY and other places from the States, enjoyed greatly.

Like always, we surrounded ourselves by the best suppliers in the market.

Pictures are from HUMà06