11 julio, 2019


What would you say about taking your favorite 40 people in the world across the ocean to spend a whole week in an amazing house in a tiny village outside Barcelona with 20 bedrooms, an infinity pool and 360º mountain views? Well this is exactly what Megan & Chris did to celebrate their wedding, but it doesn’t end here.

On Saturday 11th June they all dressed up together, jumped on a bus and went to a beautiful rustic venue that felt like having a small town for themselves to celebrate their wedding with the most amazing soul singer who made everybody dance in the cocktail reception, good food and one of the most beautiful tables we have ever set up. Megan is an architect and an aesthetics lover, that’s why to have a beautiful design for the table was a must for her, and we will never forget the look on her face when she saw the table for the first time. And that’s exactly what we love about this job, that even if we have to spend months designing a table set up

Those days we didn’t feel we were working, we felt we were part of that sweet family!

Photography: La Dichosa