21 septiembre, 2017


There are couples that are magic. There are couples that can’t hide their love not even for a second. There are couples that with every look, every movement, every touch they share, it says love all over it. Jennifer and Jordi are one of those couples. The light that they transmit is contagious and it fills you up with their energy every time you are around them. You love them from the beginning and this was something that you could tell o their wedding day, because they were surrounded by people who loves them, a lot.

Their positive energy and their intensity to enjoy every thing to the maximum, to live each second and savour it, made this wedding magical. The finca is hidden in the heart of the forest, it is filled with energy and their trees hide more than a gorgeous spot. It hides a magical place where the silence is broken with laughs, good music and beautiful words. The most beautiful of all: I do. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

For J&J we created a wedding with folk touches and Burgundy colours, dark green and many many candles and cool rugs. The decoration was based in simple and natural elements but with carefully selected and handled with love.

We leave you with this gallery, despite being large it is worth it not to miss.


Photography by La Dichosa