2 septiembre, 2018


Erika & Jon’s wedding was one of the most spectacular of the 2018 season. We connected with the couple right away and it was easy to guess that they wouldn’t settle for a good wedding, it had to be the best!

For them, everything was important: the venue with sea views, best gastronomy, a mix of Spanish-Jewish-Japanese culture, international music and a very careful decoration being close and trendy. During various months, we worked towards looking for best options to every single wedding aspect. It was not an easy task but in the end we managed to surprise everyone, even the couple!

One of the most important challenges was recreating an old greenhouse into an authentic London Club with its doorman, DJ, led screens, VIP zone, beautiful waitresses, neon, …. Nothing was missing and guests enjoyed a great soirée until the early hours. Of course this was not just a one-day wedding. Actually, the wedding lasted three days being the first of them a welcome drink with live music and typical Spanish tapas. The second day was designated to the proper wedding day and the last day was a pool party brunch with paella included. The brunch’s finishing touch was held by an Italian ice cream cart that arrived with the sound of a vintage bicycle horn. Undoubtedly, three dreamy days that they will never forget.


Photography: Pablo Beglez