Just as every couple is unique, so is every wedding. The very first thing we do is listen to your needs, your ideas and your fears, to help us create a service tailor-made for you. So that you can begin to define what you want, here is an outline of our most popular services.



For couples who want us to manage everything. Together we decide on your priorities and set a budget. From there, we take care of the rest so that all you have to do is relax and enjoy.

Design and management of the wedding
Budget management
Choice of suppliers and location
Graphic design of event and stationery
Decoration and flowers
Wardrobe and styling
Transport for bride, groom and guests
Coordination on the day of the wedding (logistics, timing and coordination of suppliers of goods and services)
Wedding Website (optional)
Get-together (optional)
Rehearsal dinner (optional)
Post-wedding brunch (optional)



If you are a couple who prefer to do most of the work yourselves, but as the day approaches you begin to worry things might not turn out exactly as you’ve planned, our bespoke coordination service could be just what you need. You only have to tell us which suppliers we need to work with and we will contact them and schedule everything, from the start of the day to the end of the celebration. All you have to do is enjoy, laugh, dance and live every second of your big day in the company of your loved ones.



You’ve chosen the perfect place and you’ve hired the suppliers, but you know what makes each wedding different is a good decorative design. But it isn’t easy to follow a central theme from start to finish, and it can seem as if you need a magic wand to make the most of your resources without going over budget. Designing the spaces, choosing the best materials, making sure every centrepiece and every cable is in the right place are all essential tasks made easier with the help of a professional. Get in touch with us because you’ve got a great idea and need some help to make it happen, or because you don’t even know where to start. If you like the idea of a wedding like the ones you see here, let’s sit down and design it together.



For those couples who are considering getting married in Mallorca but want to find their dream venue before hiring our full planner package, we have the perfect service. After a first meeting we will have a clear idea of what you are after, which will allow us to create a list of the venues that fit the requested features, are available for the dates you have in mind, match the number of guests and are within your budget. Once you have reviewed the list, we will visit those you liked the most with you, which will also give us the opportunity to spend some time together and get to know each other. This will help you to be sure that you have the best possible team so that you are able to make the decision to continue planning your wedding together.

When you make your final decision, we will take care of the venue booking process and we will handle all the paperwork. To continue together from there will be your decision but we are sure that after spending a few days together you will not want to leave your wedding in anybody else’s hands. Together we will make an unbeatable team.



To escape to any part of the world to say I do. Maybe Mallorca and its Mediterranean Sea, its gastronomy, its magical light ... could be the perfect place. If that’s the case, this service is for you. We will take care of everything so that you only have to worry about writing your vows and enjoying a magical getaway that you will never forget.

To organize a romantic candlelight dinner, find a spectacular place to celebrate the ceremony, a getaway sailing at sunset, a concert just for two, ... if your craziness involves escaping to another country to celebrate your love, our craziness has no limits to create something that will last engraved forever. We have the best photographers, stylists, musicians and florists so that every detail is special and unique only suitable for couples capable of enjoying the little pleasures in their privacy. Because a couple is made of two, why not celebrate it this way?

The quality of Mille Papillons services for very intimate celebrations.

The Mediterranean region is ideal for a destination wedding. Countryside that enchants residents and visitors alike, sunshine and warm weather, delicious cuisine, good flight connections to major European capitals and, of course, amazing gardens, are some of the features that make either Mallorca, Barcelona and Gerona the perfect location for your destination wedding.