15 octubre, 2021


We came to Mille Pappillons expecting butterflies, and we ended up with a team of unicorns! Judith took us under her wings to get us through the past two years of chaos and rescheduled wedding dates, and to say that it was worth the wait is a gross understatement. Our venue was breathtaking, but overlaid with Mille Papillon’s vision—floating floral bouquets, hanging vines, warm candlelight, cascading curtains–it was absolutely surreal. The team anticipated and surmounted every «unprecedented circumstance» with patience, style, and grace–no thunderstorm, road closure, or other barrier could get in their way. The result was an incredible 3-day celebration beyond our wildest dreams. We’re not sure how they ordered the sunshine and spectacular moonset on the night of our wedding. What we do know is that their unrelenting efforts, attention to detail, and passion for their craft shines through in the transcendent experiences that they create. We will be forever grateful!

Photography: Pablo Laguia

Videography: A&Y